Successful print advertising depends on the income and age of its readers, its distribution and the coverage priorities of the product.

1. Businesses want people financially able to invest in their products and services.

2. Readers 30 and older were raised on and continually use print products.

3. Distributing the publications in energetic regions ensures your advertisement is widely spread and read.

4. Hyperlocal, aspirational, upbeat coverage ensures exclusive content unavailable anywhere else.



SHORE DRIVE LIVING covers, and is distributed in, the coastal neighborhoods of two unique Virginia Beach zip codes — 23451 (east of the Lesner Bridge) and 23455 (west of the Lesner Bridge). Distribution also includes Atlantic Avenue on the oceanfront.

The U.S. Census Bureau shows these zip codes combine high median ages with high household incomes — ($68,957 and 34.7 years west of the Lesner; $62,347 and 38.3 east of the Lesner).
SHORE DRIVE LIVING also covers the East Ocean View and East Beach areas of Norfolk, at the western terminus of Shore Drive — this zip code (23518) is Norfolk’s best combination of median household income ($53,881) and age (36), according to Census records.

The median age in each of these areas is squarely in the middle of the coveted 25-44 age group. The median household incomes are among the highest of any zip codes in Virginia Beach or Norfolk.


Print publications work best in well-defined communities with active residents and locally owned businesses. That’s the definition of Shore Drive neighborhoods from Norfolk’s East Beach to Virginia Beach’s Seashore State Park, where the coverage and distribution are concentrated.

Distribution along Atlantic Avenue at the Oceanfront and on the Northampton Boulevard section of U.S. Route 13 positions SHORE DRIVE LIVING to catch the millions of travelers and vacationers spend time in — and pass through — Virginia Beach each year.


Content for SHORE DRIVE LIVING is designed to be POSITIVE, LOCAL AND ASPIRATIONAL. The monthly publication will focus on culture, arts, food, real estate and more. SHORE DRIVE LIVING gives readers plenty to be enthusiastic or eager about — a new beer, a great meal, a fun store, a new residence, a new car, or an upcoming event.



EASTERN SHORE FIRST covers Accomack and Northampton counties on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, a peninsula with roots in farming and commercial seafood known for its rural landscape and abundant natural attributes. Today, the Eastern Shore is a growing vacation and second-home haven with vibrant towns, coastal recreational opportunities, exciting new businesses and restaurants, a growing cultural scene, and time-honored shops and stores. EASTERN SHORE FIRST is the area's only monthly print publication dedicated to the food, drink, history, culture and lifestyle of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.


EASTERN SHORE FIRST is distributed throughout Accomack and Northampton counties, including the towns of Cape Charles, Onancock and Chincoteague, and the golf communities of Captain's Cove and Bay Creek. It also is distributed at several Virginia Beach locations and in Pocomoke City, Md.


Content for EASTERN SHORE FIRST is designed to be POSITIVE, LOCAL AND ASPIRATIONAL, giving readers plenty to be enthusiastic about. It highlights ways to get involved!